The View Of My Life

1.In my idea artifice means , explain the dippest and the most personal human's feeling in term of art.

2. I should say about my paintings , that I be inspired from nature and the area that I live in it . life is always wonderful and enjoyable for me , and I love the whole angles of nature ,and my tableaus are obtained from my lovely and special look to nature.

3. I have been painting since I was fifteen , and I have been teaching ages. teaching art is kind of endeavor for representing valuable way to people. The way that I have chance to reach. according to my veiwpoint there is no difference between healthfully or disabled Iranian people or other nationalities , men , women , adults and children . It is important that how much they love art.

4. During teaching painting to people who have corporal and mental problems, we should be really kind , patient and honest . I believe that these people have essential and plucky psyche , and just we can help them in this way. Healthful body and creative psyche are my awards which help me to help others.

5. For becoming artist The experience of teaching ages understood me that not only bodies health isn't enough , but also strong feeling., a lot of eagerness and aptitude is mandatory.

6. I started teaching painting to disabled people , and also my first experience about instruct to persons who didn't have hand15 years ago , and I should learn them by mouth , RA'AD institute was the location of teaching in Tehran , which was special for disabled people. my method in practice with defective persons empirical and therefore I could find the best way of teaching them , that hold various exhibition in Iran was it's effect.

7. Along side teaching painting to corporal difectives , I work with mental disabled and people who are really hard depressed.

8. I have been teaching in blinds union to low clearsighted and blinds people from 1386 up to now .the goal of teaching difectives especially blinds , was opening beautiful window to art which caused to happiness , calmness of psyche and self confidence in them.

9. I remember colors feeling to blinds who could see before but now are blinds.

10. It is necessary for congenital blinds who have never seen any thing and didn't have any cognition about colors to learn them colors feeling. for instance I give an example sun for yellow which is beautiful , hot and fresh , so if they want to paint happiness and heat they can use yellow.

11. 0f course the people who have never seen any thing, paint abstractly and semi abstractly and completely natural by reliance to colors feeling which learn them .

12. Cause of that I teach hot and cold colors and when they learn them completely, I teach combinational colors

13. They think colors is so wonderful and enjoyable , and after sometimes they make communication with them easily . and depict their sadness , happiness and excitation in term of colors that they learn.

14. They work with all different painting papers , various colors and etc. about work shop in short time, we can learn a painting technique in simple way.


Born in 1954, Tehran, Shahrzad Ossouli studied at the Tehran School of Art and at the Faculty of Decorative Arts in her native city.
She has had several solo exibitions and has participated in more than 70 group shows in Iran and abroad. She is a member of DENA Iranian Women Artists.

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